Annual Maintenance Service

Price (Rs.) Service Filters Membrane Faulty Parts Basic Premium Health Premium+ Health+
QI-AMC -S 1000 Yes
QI-AMC-F 2500 Yes Yes
QI-AMC-FH 3400 Yes Yes
QI-AMC-M 3500 Yes Yes Yes
QI-AMC-MH 4400 Yes Yes Yes
QI-AMC-P 5000 Yes Yes Yes Yes
QI-AMC- PPP 5800 Yes Yes Yes Yes
QI-AMC- PH 6400 Yes Yes Yes Yes

  • In case of faulty part that is repairable, the same will either be repaired or an already repaired part will be provided to save time
  • The AMC values are subjected to change depending on market condition


  • Get full protection for 3 years just by paying 2 installments together
  • Get full protection for 4 years just by paying 3 installments together

Emergency Repair Services

We will serve you urgently in case of emergency need. If the provided service is not already covered under a QI-AMC plan then it will be a paid service.