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Message From Quenchit RO

First of all thanks for showing interest on QUENCHIT, a brand name under the firm GENTLE SUNSHINE.

Experts says that, as access to safe drinking water is still a big challenge for many in the country, the water purifier market has tremendous potential to grow.

Today, the penetration of RO water purifiers is hardly 1.5 per cent of the total households. The demand will rise steeply because of the deteriorating water quality, increasing awareness of health hazards related to impure water and also a good feedback from users of RO purifiers.


Though there are already some brands and local players available in this business but this industry is yet to go a long way and will definitely go through obvious evolutions.

Till this time we used to be happy with a water purifier that removes the impurities well. But in coming days the scenario will change. Researches are going on worldwide, some are advocating for tremendous health benefit of Alkaline – Antioxidant (- ORP) water.

On the other hand side World Health Organization (WHO) has given its own guideline for drinking water quality. Simultaneously, also given its concern against consumption of water low in minerals, especially Calcium & Magnesium.

World is shifting from pure water to healthy water.

In India, QUENCHIT is probably the 1st brand offering A STEP AHEAD DRINKING WATER comprising of ALKALINE + ANTIOXIDANT + MINERAL RICH as a STEP TOWARDS HEALTHY LIVING. Here the word health is not only implying the short term health but also the long term health. This type of water has ability to safeguard us from many clinical and sub-clinical conditions in long run including fatal cancer.

So QUENCHIT is not just another RO rather A STEP AHEAD and it’s just the beginning, there are many more to come.

QUENCHIT is looking to get associated with visionary people who understand this upcoming shift towards healthy drinking water, who has courage to be a part of this change, who prefers to start early to get the most of it.

QUENCHIT is not only about a water purifier, but also about spreading awareness of drinking water quality related to HEALTHY LIVING and offering optimized solution.

Healthy tomorrow depends a lot upon today’s water.

With this I would like to request you all to give us an opportunity to share our sincere effort with you and also to extend your hands of support towards this noble cause by proudly helping your near & dear ones to take a step towards healthy living

Thank you & Live Healthy